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Earlier this year we had the chance to visit Ginzan Onsen in winter and share with you that amazing experience. Today, we would like to share with you another video of Ginzan Onsen but this time just before autumn. This video was shot in 2016.

Located in the heart of Yamagata prefecture mountains, Ginzan Onsen or in English the Silver Mountain Hot Spring, is a secluded little hot spring town with a rich history in silver mining!
Indeed, before becoming one of Japan most picturesque Hot Spring town, Ginzan Onsen was famous for its past silver mining operation. It all started in 1456 when the first silver was found and little by little the “silver fever” made the fortune of some of the very lucky people. It is only in 1741 however that the hot springs of Ginzan was discovered and, roughly just in time when the silver mines starting to close down. During warmer seasons it is possible to visit part of the old silver mine as well as having a wonderful walk in the small forest behind the village.

Now famous for its Onsen, public or not, its ashiyu or foot bath and its many gorgeous Ryokans, Ginzan is definitely the best place to relax if you can afford one of these luxury Ryokans. Indeed visiting Ginzan Onsen can be done in terms of minutes if you have no interest in nature and quickly become boring in winter during the day. Our recommendation would be to stay at least a night there in Winter to enjoy the beauty of the area at night, or during the warmer season with a good hike in the surrounding area.

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